The most important element in our success is our culture – the values and practices of the associates. Altig places the highest value on absolute truth, love and care for each individual, personal growth, and professional development. Some people may ask, ‘How can a business place the highest value on things like truth, love, and personal growth?’  Our question is, ‘What could be more important?’

Everyone has heard of the 'Golden Rule' where you treat others how you want to be treated. Altig does it one better - the 'Platinum Rule' where you treat others better than you ever expect to be treated.

Our purpose is to enrich lives and enable dreams for our clients and our associates.

We are dedicated to teach and inspire responsibility while protecting futures - one family at a time. Our Mission is to Protect Every Child and to Serve All Working People.

We are committed to helping Affiliates achieve their dreams. We strive to energize, equip, engage, empower, and execute so that our associates can be their best.

Every single person is either a leader or will soon be a leader. Each person is expected to make decisions and lead using the same principles:

  • Achieve Principle Driven Growth
  • Exercise Exemplary Leadership
  • Use Open Communication
  • Have Authentic Relationships
  • Seek Innovations and Improvements
  • Encourage Fun and Excitement
  • Foster Honesty, Integrity, and Trust