Andrew Haskins
Altig Director of Public Relations

In May of 2005, Andrew Haskins started with AIL-Altig at the young age of 19. Initially hired in their call center, he quickly became involved in other areas of the company. Haskins was a janitor, laid the hardwood floors, painted the building, and built desks and cubicles. After a month or two, Haskins walked in on an agency meeting and was immediately intrigued. Shortly after, he was licensed and begin producing.

In his first week in the field he wrote $11,215 ALP and qualified for his first convention in two months. At the beginning of 2006 Haskins began building an agency, personally recruiting family and friends to join in on Opportunity Unlimited. After four weeks Haskins became an Supervising Agent, two months later he became and Master General Agent, and three months after that was running his own office in Vancouver, Washington.

Moving for the opportunity, Haskins was promoted to Regional General Agent in Boston, Massachusetts, for American Income Life. Accomplishing record breaking numbers in Boston, he was asked to move again to work with the top leader in Virginia, Troy Plummer. It was there that Haskins and Plummer’s passion for training that led to the creation of Altig’s Virtual Training System.

Moving again for the opportunity to work directly with Altig’s Executive Leadership, Haskins currently serves as Director of Public Relations. Spearheading the growth and revitalization of major relationships with our Union, Association, Credit Union, and Veteran Markets. Continuing his passion for innovation, Haskins currently works with all departments of the company on ideas, strategies, and product implementation.