Eugene Garcia  
Altig Vice President of Sales

Born in South Phoenix, Eugene was one of four siblings who along with their parents worked as migrant workers all over the southwestern region of the U.S. By watching his father work countless hours in an attempt to improve his family’s standard of living, Eugene began to understand the value of hard work and sacrifice.

Upon completion of high school, Eugene settled into a career as a Corrections professional and stifled his internal drive to achieve greatness. He was then introduced to the idea of business ownership in the financial services, and less than two months after learning about an opportunity to pursue his dreams in business Eugene quit his supervisor position in Corrections and jumped full-time into entrepreneurship, where he excelled in the area of recruiting and retaining agents in his organization.

After six years, and the achievement of Regional Vice President with his first company, Eugene began a career with American Income Life-Altig in 2015. “I saw that AIL had a system in place where you could succeed whether you are good at recruiting or good at sales,” Eugene remembers. “There was no restriction on the amount of hours that a person could invest in building their income and you could earn whatever you can dream up.”

After his promotion to an upper level management position in his first 45 days, Eugene led the Phoenix office in growth and production. At just over two years with AIL-Altig, Eugene has achieved Board of Directors and has been inducted into the Alpha Omega Order thanks to his focus on continued growth and the development of new leaders.

“It has been a self-improvement movement under the mentorship of Dustin Venekamp. I have become a completely different man. The success and the money is all great, but I think the greatest reward is the change I have gone through personally,” Eugene says. “Making the move to Chicago is about more than a career. It is really a crusade. There are millions of families that need us, and we are not going to let them down.”