Rob Hay
Altig Chief Marketing Officer

Rob Hay joined America Income in March of 2000 and quickly earned promotions based on his success and the success of those he trained.

As a GA, Rob was responsible for Manitoba. He demonstrated an ability to grow a territory and in 2002 was given an opportunity to move to the state of Minnesota and increase production results.

After nine months of living in Minnesota and tripling results he was asked to move to Washington State and head up operations there. At the same time the provinces of British Columbia and Quebec where added to his responsibilities. While achieving growth in Washington, British Columbia and Quebec he expanded to Oregon and Hawaii. His organization finished 2003 with over 8 million in ALP.

In 2004 Rob became Director of Sales for Altig. That same year he moved again to Virginia and became a Partner SGA. Virginia experienced record growth under his direction.  In 2005 Rob was named Vice President of Sales for Altig.

Rob became Chief Marketing Officer for Altig International in 2007 and moved back to Washington to work at the Company headquarters in Redmond WA.

Currently Rob is on Board of Directors and serves as the Chief Marketing Officer and Partner.