AIL Accidental Insurance Options

Unfortunately, you can’t predict accidents. They just happen, suddenly and without warning, and at times they occur when family debts are high and savings are low. Most union benefits don’t cover the whole cost of these accidents and few families are prepared financially for the sudden hardship brought about by the unexpected tragedy of an accident, but they are an unfortunate reality of life.

• Accidents are the 4th leading cause of death in North America, outranked only by heart disease, cancer and strokes.
• Accidents are the #1 cause of death of people under age 38.
• Falls are a leading cause of accidental death for people as they grow older.

American Income Life (AIL) insurance and its partners offer these valuable policies so you can protect your family in case of accidents and serious illness.

This benefit can be a blessing to the family of an accident victim. The money is paid directly to the insured as an income supplement, to be used as the insured sees fit. Unlike term life or whole life benefits, this is an “accident only” benefit.  Benefits are payable under this policy for hospital confinement, intensive care, emergency medical treatment, and accidental death and dismemberment.