AIL Clients and No-Cost Benefits

Besides term life and whole life insurance, there are additional products provided by American Income Life Insurance Company (AIL) to the members of the group Associates partner with.

  • ACCIDENTAL DEATH & DISMEMBERMENT PROTECTION - Provided at no cost to all primary members. For members in good standing with certain groups, there is also partial coverage for spouse and children.
  • HEALTH SERVICES/VISION CARE DISCOUNT PROGRAM – Provides point-of-purchase discounts on a variety of health related services. Program is provided at no cost, but does have a small processing fee. Canada has Vision Care Discount programs.
  • FAMILY INFORMATION GUIDE - Designed to provide a format for vital family information including location of accounts and policy numbers, for quick access in case of an emergency.
  • CHILD SAFE KITS - Endorsed by the International Union of Police Associations, each Child Safe kit provides crucial information necessary for the quick and safe recovery of our children.