"I think it is fun to do the impossible!"

Katie's road to success at Altig is not a typical one. She started at Altig when was 19 years old and became a Master General Agent in 3 years. During that time she attended college in pursuit of a degree in Marketing.

Recently, while accepting an award for being the tenth top associate in the entire world at American Income LIfe's convention in Punta Cana, DR, Katie said, "I was told I would only last two weeks. I was told I wouldn't be at the top of Altig producers while attending university. I was told I wouldn't be in the top 10 of AIL while being at university. Well, I think it is fun to do the impossible!"

Katie's no-nonsense attitude towards her personal and professional goals is what drove her to the success she achieved in such a short period of time. Her promotions weren't based on senority as in most companies, Kate gained more responsibilities based on her results. Not many 23 year olds have the opportunity to go to school, build a house to their speicifications and rise through the ranks of management. Katie has taken full advantage of the AIL opportunity.

Within the next few years, Katie hopes to grow in management and eventually open her own offic in Alberta, Canada.