Altig Success Story - Kevin Appasamy

Most boys want to be a firefighter or a policeman when they grow up; Kevin did too and he was well on his way to realizing his dream. While working as an Emergency Medical Technician, Kevin received a phone call that would change his life.

“I had my resume posted online and was called in to interview. I was excited because as an EMT I was making $35,000 a year but with American Income Life the opportunity is unlimited.” It wasn’t an easy decision, “Many people were skeptical, but I made the decision to have a better future for my family. I was recently married and we had a new baby on the way – providing for my family was the biggest reason I took the job.”

Kevin is passionate about learning and growing. “I work to learn something new every day and push myself to new levels in work and family, and new physical levels.” Since he began his career, Kevin has never looked back and constantly strives to be the best. He has become one of Top 10 in American Income, he became known for his record-breaking performance, and in 2007 he earned his promotion to Altig Training Manager – a position that allows him to share his success with everyone in Altig and American Income Life (AIL).

“When I first started seven years ago, my dream was to make $1,000 a week. Now, if I make less than $10,000 a week I’m disappointed,” said Kevin. “Also my concept of giving was giving to myself and my family but, over time meeting with families and agents, I gained perspective, and helping other people is what is truly important.”

“Back then the concept of unlimited earnings and helping others seemed unrealistic, these things were just too out there,” said Kevin. “But once you understand how life insurance and the industry work, the sky is the limit. A lot of people are skeptical, but in society the bigger the problem you face, the bigger the rewards. Lawyers and doctors make a lot of money. Specialists, like tax lawyers and heart specialists make even more. We are insurance specialists. The opportunity is so great. Families are sick and dying every day. We can’t solve it, but we can solve the financial burden and provide security for families.”

The responsibility of protecting families hit Kevin in his first year with the business, “I was in a farming community in Northern Saskatchewan meeting with a young couple. The wife loved the benefits, but the husband didn’t. He was a farmer; he lived off the land, he had money saved for a rainy day, and he believed he was self-sufficient. Reluctantly, he joined the plan. The very next day, he lost his hand in a piece of farming machinery and he was in the hospital for a couple weeks. The benefits I provided to them covered $300 a day.  This gave me huge confidence that I, personally, can make a difference in the families I talk to.”

 AIL offers the best of both worlds said Kevin, “In our business we focus on helping union members fill in their benefits. And there are many uncertainties in those types of jobs: strikes, layoffs, and on-the-job risks. I get to help these people protect their families and I have an opportunity to make a tremendous amount of money at the same time. I write my own check every day I wake up and I can make this happen regardless of world circumstances.”