Unlimited Opportunity At Altig

This isn’t just another job; the AIL career opportunity is: the opportunity for you to have your own insurance business selling supplemental union benefits such as term and whole life insurance. You and your agency won’t be alone though, you’ll have extensive help and support from Altig and its partners and little cost or risk. Your business will make money when you personally sell American Income Life services and when you hire other people and they sell.

The opportunity is truly unlimited financial freedom; you’ll grow your business by maximizing these three elements:
  • Commissions and bonuses from personally selling
    The compensation and advancement program provides progressive goals, allowing the Agent to advance on their own merit by meeting established qualification requirements.
  • Bonuses from personally hiring others who sell
    By sharing the opportunity with others of similar ambition and teaching them how to succeed, you will be expanding your agency your income while building a business that, with tenure and accomplishment, you can ultimately own!
  • Renewals from policies you have previously sold
    It is through renewal income that your personal income can continue to increase each year. Why? Because even if your first year commission income remains the same, you receive renewal income for the life of the policy on all policies that remain in force, thus your income can continue to grow. When you sell a life insurance policy, you have the potential of earning in the next nine years, about the same income as you will in the first year of that policy. It is similar to royalties paid to actors in Hollywood. As an agent, you and your family are offered a special financial opportunity.