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Support AIL Food For Families Annual Food Drive

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The philanthropic roots planted many years ago by Bernard Rapoport run very deep in the American Income Family, and Home Office is no exception. Each year, Home Office AIL employees participate in the Food for Families annual food drive, the largest one-day food drive in Texas, and for 7 of the last 10 years, has been the single largest contributing group for the drive. Last year a record 80,315 pounds was donated! They have passionately collected food and cash donations to help the community right here in Central Texas, where “B” built and grew this great company we are so blessed to work for. The legacy of his spirit and passion drives each and every dollar and can of food donated.   


This year, due to the unprecedented circumstances that continue to impact so many, the need is so much greater than ever before and the challenges to provide are also greater than ever before. We know Central Texas is counting on us! In honor of B and the roots he so proudly planted in Waco, we would like to extend an opportunity for you to make a small contribution to the community where B worked to build AIL.   


Volunteers Packing Food

Through Friday, November 20th, visit to make a direct, monetary donation using PayPal. Simply complete the online form, selecting Waco as the donation area, and make sure to indicate that your donation is part of a company contest.

Enter “AIL-AO” in the text box that appears so that all donations will be counted toward AIL totals. 

Look for the “AIL Food for Families Annual Food Drive” Facebook group. Like the page, and share it with coworkers for updates on our progress and other challenges!  Have something you’d like to post on the page?  Want to challenge other American Incomers?  

Let’s work together and make this the best year yet.

Mother and Daughter

(Select Waco Area and Enter AIL-AO)

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